Monday, July 5, 2010

Transpiration and All That

Well this A.M. found the CF at 29 (which is a big jump) and the depth of the kiddie pool on the left side (the deeper side since it is not quite level) was 4.5". I'll probably top it off. When the CF jumps like this it indicates two things: 1) a lot of transpiration since if the plants are just consuming nutrient the CF should stay about constant but when there is a lot of heat and yesterday was a barn-burner, the plants absorb moisture but not nutrient and that runs the nutrient concentration up (at least that's how I construct the observation). 2) I have not been keeping detailed track of the depth of liquid in the pool but it's come down something like three inches (I sort of get an idea when I stick the dipstick in since I push it down to the bottom of the pool and observe where the liquid comes up to. So I'm going to top it off again today.

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