Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cool Days Make the System Go Longer

A couple of cool days and a fair amount of rain and the CF =19 this morning, so I added a cup of nutrient and expect it to go to something like CF= 25 or thereabouts. Temperatures at 12 o'clock are still not steamy hot at 86 degrees F, but a bit warmer than the past couple of days which were overcast.

Well the temperatures have crept up over the day to 89 and then started coming down and are 87 right now and the system stabilized at CF = 24 but I expect to probably top it off tomorrow. I took a couple of pictures which I composited from top to bottom: 1) Float System, 2) Some tomatoes in the float system (these are either Atkinson or Abe Lincolns, not sure), 3) Some Tomatoes in the Garden System, and 4) Some wilt (checked some pictures and it looks like it is probably a mild case of powdery mildew) or whatever you call it on the squash in the garden.

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