Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Morning Adventure: the Bagworm Levitation

Well at 10:00 the temperature was about 82 and then an hour later it was 88. The CF = 20. We went out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel around 10 and returned about 11. Coming out of Cracker Barrel we saw the most mysterious sight. A small bag of leaves seemed to be hanging in the air occasionally spinning. You could not see the thread it was hanging on. We got in the car to leave but were fascinated by this thing and watched it. As we watched it, it lowered itself the some three and a half to four feet to the ground occasionally spinning. We were so fascinated we stopped the engine and got out to go look at it after it hit the ground. It was moving somewhat spasmodically and then the head of a worm peeked out and it tried to free itself from the leaf like caccoon it was in. We left but I checked out bag worms when I got home and the picture here is the one that is closest to what we saw.

Now in the later afternoon the CF = 25. That's about the level I like to operate at, but it's likely to be higher as the transpiration continues.

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