Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter Setting In

The Christmas season is upon us. Winter is setting in and it has started to be cold enough to shift from the light jacket and sweater I usually wear in the Fall to the heavy coat and sweater I wear when Winter really sets in. I suppose formally I have another week or so to wait.

Summer was disappointing on the tomato front. Had a fair number of tomatoes but even the best producers didn't produce anything like I'm used to from my NFT systems. So the next question is whether I can come up with a nice little NFT system that doesn't require a lot of busy work?

The systems that use 10' long sections of PVC pipe are big and a bit cumbersome in the space they take. I'd like to come up with something smaller but still productive. Maybe a small system made from shorter runs. I was thinking that a diamond shaped system might be just the ticket. It might even be mounted on the tank or over the tank. Maybe support eight plants.

The system would be strong and fairly self-contained. I could feed from one corner and deliver back to the tank from the opposite diagonal corner. Needs more thought of course, but looks like it might be fun.