Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update for Robert

My friend Robert Doumax made the comment to me today in an email: "No news of your weedless garden since June 21: absolutely scandalous!" so this update is for you Robert. Of course all my hydroponics friends can tell that this year the garden is of the "dirt" variety. I've explained but I'm trying to do well by it since it's all I have.

If you compare the picture above with the last picture you'll notice there has been appreciable growth. I've been watering it regularly and giving it some Miracle Grow LiquaFeed see picture below. The results seem promising so far. The tomatoes are all "Big Boys" so they still have a way to go. I put a second picture above to capture the ambiance and show the kind of Miracle Grow I'm talking about. I have to say that this is a promising garden so far.

The things that have worked well are 1) rototilling the garden, 2) putting up the tomato cages (the tomatoes were planted in peat pots and then planted in side a plastic cut to help retain water and deter cut-worms [whatever they are]), 3) laying down newspaper and covering it with straw to deter weeds, 4) watering regularly and using the Miracle Grow LiquaFeed — so far I've used 1 and a quarter bottles. Things look like they are coming along well.

Thanks for getting me off top dead center Robert!