Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thinking ... It's Winter!

Winter is the time between systems.  This past year without a hydroponics system reminded me in spades why I went over to hydroponics in the first place.  No weeds, fewer bugs, I've yet to have a slug climb up to the plants in the NFT systems.  The result is much better and uniform fruit and higher yields.  What's not to like about that?  But you do get more tomatoes than you can comfortably eat yourself.  The secret (well not so secret) is that beautiful tomatoes are a cinch to give away.  The only problem is people keep coming back for more and are disappointed when they're all gone.  This year Jessica (the better half, often referred to as "The Boss" or "She who must be obeyed") has informed me that I'm to build at least a one tube system because that produces as many tomatoes as she wants and make sure that you plant big ones, not those French Dona's you're so fond of.  Nothing opinionated about that right?  Well a one tube system or even a half tube system is a cinch.  I'll make a little figure to show what the minimum one tube system looks like.  There it is at the top of the post.  Simple really.