Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Scorcher ...

Well today was another scorcher. High 90's to low 100's and transpiration like mad. When I went out the CF =18 which is crazy (way too low given that I added two cups of concentrate yesterday) so I went and got the other Dipstick I have and it read 22 which convinced me that I had a problem so I scrubbed the tip of the other one and then they came into correspondence at CF = 22.

Ben Shirkey and Owen Keefer came over in the morning. Ben actually hoed around in the garden and laid down some straw so that we could compare strawed and weeded growth to unweeded growth. Owen and I admired Ben's technique. It must be nice to be young. Then we all went to lunch and Jessica came along, which was fun.

Later I went with Owen to see "Salt" which is a crazy movie of the plot within a plot within a plot kind with never stop action and some fairly ridiculous premises. By the time we came out around 4:30 or so the temperature reading in my car was 109 (but that was likely skewed by the car) by the time we got back to my house it was 98 (i.e. the car thermometer read 98) and when Owen left some time later the inside radio thermometer to the sensor on the porch was reading 102 ... so a scorcher for sure. I went out later and measured the nutrient and go a number like CF =28.

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