Monday, July 26, 2010

Three More Donas

7/26 DONA 3 at 1 3/4, 1 1/2, and 1 3/8 for a total of 4 at 5 7/8 ounces.
7/20 SQUASH total 8 at 63 5/8 ounces.

By the way, Donas should be bigger then these so I'm not too sure what this seed actually is.

Today the system got up to CF = 27 as transpiration continued. The temperature at 16:33 is 95.9 degrees F. So while the news weather promised us a cooler day it really didn't turn out that way. I'm expecting to have to top the system off tomorrow, but I'm going to let it go for now and check it tomorrow morning and see if I have to top it off then or can try to let it go through the day.

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