Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Late Thursday Update

Thursday is winding down. I really have to start getting motivated to do real work. Between fooling around with my blogs and Facebook I've been neglecting the thing I should be doing. I've been working on Activity Sheets for some of my Fall classes and trying to get motivated to do some more image processing work on the Shroud of Turin.

Today I checked the float system nutrient level and they had gone down slightly to CF = 24 and the depth of nutrient was still OK. We had some serious rain yesterday and it promised to rain much of today and didn't. Some of the tomatoes in the garden are starting to develop a blush so I guess we'll actually have some tomatoes to harvest before too long. We've take four small Donas off the float system so far and none off the garden. The squash have been about done in by the powdery mildew, drat. I probably should have gotten something to spray for that.

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