Saturday, July 3, 2010

Maintenance 7-3-2010

Checked the nutrient level at 10:15 a.m. and found it had reached equillibrium at CF=19 so I added a cup of concentrate which took it up to CF=25. That is a quick measurement so I'll have to check later to see what equilibrium is. This suggests that a full pool responds at about 6 pts/cup so 1.5 points per quarter cup. I've been using 2 pts/quarter cup as my heuristic.

19:15 hours CF still equal to 25. So I guess that stabilized. The sense I have of this system is that it is about as robust as any I've done. The plants look terrific, are flowering well and setting fruit well ahead of the garden with bigger and lusher plants. Moreover because of the floats the system maintains a uniform contact with the nutrient. I'm still concerned with how it will fare as the fruit gains weight and tends to sink the floats, but at this point I'm very pleased. The central fountain, although it has mostly disappeared into the jungle is still merrily providing the splash necessary to oxygenate the water and the circulation pump which is just pushing the water around in a circle seems to have discouraged the mosquitoes. So I'm pleased as punch with the system.

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