Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summarizing The Journey

The hydroponics adventure I've been on since sometime in the 1990s has been slowing down of late mostly due to an injury I sustained when I fell and tore my medial tendon in my right leg.  That had to be surgically repaired but all the injury wasn't reversible so I've been pretty cautious about walking around especially on hills and grass outside.  As you can imagine that puts a crimp in one's hydroponics style.

Wife and I were talking about getting a small hobby greenhouse because in our new house in Woodstock, Virginia (about forty miles from Harrisonburg, Virginia where we used to live and moved from in 2012) we have discovered that there are quite a few deer shopping for treats so if you expect to grow tomatoes, for example, in an NFT system like I've usually done, the deer will be thrilled and come and eat all your tomatoes.  Whatever system you build needs to be deer-proofed.

I thought a little LINK PAGE might be helpful so herewith are links which can be used to check out hydroponics topics.  I may add to this as time goes on.  To return from a link just hit your browser's back arrow button.


1, Starting Plants in Rockwool Cubes  SEE HERE
2. A fairly simple NFT system design  SEE HERE
3. Preparing your nutrient solution (here using TotalGro) SEE HERE
4. Keeping data as you experiment  SEE HERE
5. The baby pool float system adventure SEE HERE Design
6.  (a) Here it comes! SEE HERE
7.  (b) Early in the adventure SEE HERE
8.  (c) A little later SEE HERE
9.  (d) Tomatoes need supports and we can't sink the float SEE HERE
10.(e) Did we mention jungle phase? SEE HERE

That's probably enough for now.  I'll probably add to this later if the inspiration so moves me.  Meanwhile I'm still thinking about a small tomato system that would be deer-proof and easy to manage maybe right off the back patio.

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