Thursday, June 10, 2010

What A Difference a Week Makes!

I was a little concerned about how taking a trip to Groton, CT for a week would work out. We went up there to see our youngest son graduate from Sub School. That was quite cool! We also visited the U.S.S. Nautilus and an active duty Los Angelos class attack boat, the U.S.S. Providence.

The whole while though I was a bit concerned about the float system. I had topped it off and left it completely full of water and with the nutrient running at CF=22. So when we got back late on Tuesday I ran back into the backyard with a flashlight (we got home after dark) and looked at the system. All seemed to be fine. It was about two inches down and the CF was 22. Today, the 10th, I took a picture to put up here. As you can see the plants have grown quite a lot. I still don't have a support system set up or even thoroughly worked out, but that is next on the agenda. The plants in the float system are more robust, larger and more vigorous than the plants that are in the tilled soil in the backyard. (See Below)

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