Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Checked the nutrient level this morning and it was at CF=20 and everything was chirping along very nicely. I didn't add any water, but I did add a half-cup of concentrate with the goal of bringing the level up to CF=24. I checked immediately after adding the nutrient and got CF=26 on the concentrate entry side, and CF=22 on the diametrically opposed side, so I am imagining that it will come to equilibrium at about CF=24. Mission accomplished! Check it later.

A few hours later it looks like the system has stabilized at CF=23 ... so maybe I'll add a little more nutrient, but Jessica is painting the back door and bothering her at this point may get me painted.

Added a quarter cup of nutrient and waited a while to measure it: Currently the CF =26 so I'll just leave it there for a day or so. Seems like the water level is down more than I would expect. I'll let it go through tomorrow and look at it again on Friday morning.

6-30 SQUASH took two out of the garden today (1st Fruit) 5 7/8, 7 3/4 ounces. Great start! Film later ...

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