Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rain and Topping Off

This morning around 10 it was 86 F outside and the CF = 32 and I decided to top the system off which I did at 12 o'clock -- it ran down to a CF = 18 and I added a cup of concentrate to bring it up to 24 if the 1.5 per quarter cup would hold which it doesn't seem to have been, but I'm a creature of consistency and rule.

A relatively heavy rain storm came through last night and actually blew limbs off the tree, blew the float system plants heavily to one side and actually blew down three of the tomato cages in the garden. I straightened up the tomato cages, left the float system as is since there's not too much to be done in its present jungle state and picked up a few of the limbs blown off the tree. There are lots of tomatoes reddening on the vine and now the corn is getting to a size which likely means it should be picked but I'm no expert on when corn should be picked since this is the first time in about 18 years or so that's I've planted any.

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