Monday, July 28, 2008

How to get started ...

I saw a video by an Oxford professor one time which talked about the Oxford way -- which was "Start at the beginning. Go on to the end. Then stop!" On the whole that's good advice if you're going somewhere.

In the case of hydroponics the key question that arises in "newbie's" minds is: "What is this? It sounds weird." "You're going to WHAT? grow vegetables in water?" "Give me a break. Is this science fiction?"

Hydroponics means something like "water works." The hanging gardens of Babylon are thought by some people to be an early example of hydroponics. Broken down to simplest terms it's just growing plants without dirt in a solution of water and nutrients. Last time I mentioned that reading a good book is a great way to get started. Another way is just to start experimenting with a sense of adventure. All you need is 1) a container, 2) some water, 3) some fertilizer, and 4) a plant -- at least to get started. Later, when you get interested in doing it right or getting the most out of your plants, you'll want to get a little more systematic.

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