Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seeding and Thinking: How About Containers?

I've been thinking about what to do this Summer, our first Summer in our new house in Woodstock. I'd like to do a hydroponics system but I took a horrific fall in January which completely tore my right medial quad tendon (whatever that is, but it's important if you want to walk around). After the news from the MRI (neat pictures) I ended up going under the knife and now have this neato incision scar that runs from above my knee to below my knee over the top. That put me in a full leg brace for six weeks and I'm still working on physical therapy and can't walk up stairs except one step at a time.

So obviously hydroponics has not be my number one focus. Also we're planning to pour a cement backyard patio which is about where I'd tend to put a hydroponics system. So what I've decided to do is experiment with container gardening. I have a book named "Crops in Pots" and The Great Courses company has a video course on container gardening which I downloaded to my Kindle Fire HD (got it running which was awesome) and so now I'm an expert (well not really, but I did do some container gardening on the deck a couple of years ago).

 Meanwhile a friend from Pennsylvania, Stephen Haust was kind enough to send me some French Dona seeds. Those who have followed my adventures know how much I love the little French Dona hybrid tomatoes and my Totally Tomatoes folks where I would tend to buy my seeds stopped handling the Dona a couple of years ago. I got by with some old seeds but Stephen sent me some more recent ones. I just seeded them into some peat pots (usually I'd do it into rockwool cubes and feed them on a weak nutrient solution, but since I'm going to try to do containers this year I opted for some peat pots that I had lying around. I also bought some interesting plastic pots at Walmart which can be watered from the side.

I'll generate some pictures for you all soon. Meanwhile I have to watch all those Great Courses videos and read through that container gardening book. I always end up using some hydroponics nutrient to enrich the plants growing environment too and I'll tell you about that.

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