Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Can It Be June Already

Blink ... blink and it's June already. Well I've not put together a hydroponics system. I didn't really have anything new to try and I've been thinking about taking a two week driving trip sometime and none of my systems will work very well, especially later in the season, if they are neglected for two weeks. I suppose I could more fully automate them, but then I'd be worried about things like power outages and other kinds of failures. People are more adaptable then automated systems usually.

So what I did is take the little baby rototiller (should have popped for a real rototiller but this one was cute, but not all that effective) and I rototilled about an 8 foot by 8 foot plot ... maybe a little bigger and put in a whole bunch of large tomato plants (the plants weren't large but the tomatoes they produce are supposed to be (Big Boys and Better Boys) but they were seeds in April so they're not all that huge even now. We'll see how they flourish. Pictures maybe next time. I also planted a couple of sweet pepper plants.

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