Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Passing of a Giant

Yesterday I got a painful email telling me that The Growing Edge had published its last issue. It was to be no more. I am very disheartened to see such a high quality magazine in an industry that I love pass from the scene. I have written a lot of articles for The Growing Edge, some about the wonderful people I've met through hydroponics but most about my Summer adventures as I experimented with hydroponics system configurations and grew a lot of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, as well as basil, lettuce and miscellaneous larks like a bit of corn, some egg plants and some squash. With enough attention you can grow anything in hydroponics.

The Growing Edge will be missed because it was the best magazine in the industry. It was a great run and I love the folks who made it possible down through the years I was associated with them. Good luck all!

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tomalex said...

Thank you Ray for your kind words.

I would also like to thank Ray for his literary contributions on his personal hydroponic adventures in his home and yard in making The Growing Edge the excellent read that it was.

The reason The Growing Edge connected with people was because it was real. We had real people in the articles. The human interest angle of almost all the articles made people connect with the story. We had so many readers tell us that.

The Growing Edge web site will continue to be online with the massive amount of information on it and after taking some time off to contemplate what is next, I may resume putting original content on The Growing Edge web site. Time will tell.

The massive amount of money to pay the print bill is what did us in. Print publications are going to be rare within five years. The editor of The New York Times said he doubts there will be a print edition of the newspaper in five years.

Thanks again Ray for everything!

Tom Alexander, Publisher
The Growing Edge magazine